Home and office machine rentals available for 3-month terms. See below for more info.

1-month and party rentals inquire for quote.

***Updates coming July '24. Contact below or check back for updates soon!***

Available Now:

  • Guns N' Roses (Limited) [Jersey Jack 2020]
  • Iron Maiden (Premium) [Stern 2018]
  • Led Zeppelin (Premium) [Stern 2020]

Reservations Available:

  • The Godfather (Limited) [Jersey Jack 2023]
  • Venom (Premium) [Stern 2023]
  • Godzilla (Premium) [Stern 2021]
  • Jurassic Park (Premium) [Stern 2019]
  • Venom (Pro) [Stern 2023]
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro) [Stern 2020]
  • Legends of Valhalla (Deluxe) [American Pinball 2021]
  • Ultraman: Kaiju Rumble (Collector's) [Spooky Pinball 2021]
  • Jurassic Park (Home Edition) [Stern 2021]
  • Demolition Man [Williams 1994]  

*As of June 2024; subject to change

Reach out with your contact information for latest rates and availability.

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